Private TODOs for LiveChat

3 min. readlast update: 09.01.2020

Private TODOs application allows you to create and manage your private TODOs and Notes directly in LiveChat connecting them with your customers and chats. 

In order to use the app you need to have Microsoft account and access to Microsoft TODO (old Wunderlist). The account can be created for free here. Application keeps your TODOs as a separate list without touching your private lists so you can safely use your current Microsoft TODO account.

Add your first TODO

After you install the app from marketplace you will see new icon under customer details section (accessed from Chats, Customers and Archives) - blue checkmark in a circle that can be seen on the screenshot below. First time you access the app you need to log in with your Microsoft Account.


After logging in you will see an empty list. To add a TODO click "+" icon and fill in details.


Very important section of TODO details while adding and editing is Chat tags. Here you can find list of chats that this TODO is connected with. On the first place there is always currently displayed chat so you can tag any TODO with currently viewed chat either in Chats or Archives section. You can untag any chat in that section anytime. For each connected chat there is a Go To Chat button next to customer's name. It opens webapp's Archives section with that chat in a new tab.

List of TODOs


Each TODO on the list has it's name, information if there is a detailed note and 3 possible icons: 

  • connected with chat - this means that the TODO is taged with some chats, if the icon is blue then the TODO is connected with currently viewed chat
  • connected with customer - TODOs connected with chat are automatically connected with customer from that chat, if the icon is blue then the TODO is connected with currently viewed customer or customer from currently viewed chat
  • has note - this means that the TODO has detailed description

Filtering TODOs

You can quickly find all the TODOs connected with currently viewed chat or customer by checking the quick filters:


Eg. after setting Filter by current customer filter you will see only TODOs connected with currently viewed customer or customer from currently viewed chat.

To search for TODOs by name, detailed note or even by chat ID you can use search bar:


Data storage

"Private TODOs" doesn't keep any data. All data created and edited by this application is managed by Microsoft TODO. You can access and edit the data directly under Microsoft TODO application too. This way you can be 100% sure that your notes and TODOs are fully safe and secured and available even if you choose to stop using "Private TODOs" app in the future.

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